Do I need to pay a damage deposit for the apartment ?

A refundable deposit of huf / Euro is required when making your payment, it will be refunded when you check out.

What happens if I break or damage something ?

The damage will be assested and the value will be deducted from your damage deposit if necessary.

How much does the airport transportation service cost ?

All taxi companies have a fixed rate which should be around 4600 HUF.

Where can I park my car ?

'Pay and Display' parking is available on most city centre streets and multi story carparks are located around the city.

Can I drink the water ?

The local tap water is drinkable and bottled water is available from all local convenience stores and supermarkets.

What if I need help or information during my stay ?

A contact number will be provided if you need help or advise on your apartment during normal working hours and out of hours during emergencies.

Do I need an electric plug adaptor ?

If you are from outside of Europe then bring an appropriate adapter for your electrical appliances. These are not provided for by HOMESWEETHOME.HU/ .

Do the apartments have air conditioning ?

This is a luxury that is becoming more common. The information you receive on this website with each apartment will inform you whether the apartment is air conditioned or not.

Which currency is accepted in Budapest ?

The local currency is the Hungarian Forint. Foreign Currencies can be exchanged at banks and bureaux across the city.

Where can I find internet access ?

Internet cafes and cafes/ restaurants with free WIFI can be found throughout the city.

How can I make an international phone call ?

International call cards can be puchased at local convenience stores and used with public phones.

Who can I call in cases of emergency ?

You will be given a contact number to call during work hours and out of hours in an emergency only.

Who speaks English ?

The Staff at HOMESWEETHOME.HU/ all speak English. You will find English speakers throughout Budapest but why not try to learn a few words of Hungarian, its not as difficult as you think!

How is the weather in Budapest ?

Temperature range from extermely hot in the Summer to freezing cold in the winter. In between the weather is mostly perfect to enjoy your time relaxing on terraces or strolling around the Castle District in the open air.

How safe is Budapest ?

Compared to other big cities very safe, just take simple precautions and use your common sense and chances are you will have a trouble free time in Budapest.